Victory’s cutting-edge communications solutions will pave the way to your nonprofit’s success

Your communications system should never let you down

Crystal clear communications technology is critical to any company, for it allows them to stay in touch with your clients, as well as receive their valuable feedback. It bridges the gap and produces a more personal approach with your clients, thus offering you a unique edge. This is exactly why you must not settle for a communications system that disrupts your operations and disappoints your customers.

For over two decades of industry experience and long-term wholesale purchasing contracts, Victory Telecom, Inc. is able to provide you the most low-cost business communications solutions available in the market. That’s why we launched PHILANTHRO-PHONE, a grant program that offers free data and communications services to nonprofit organizations. We finance this program using a percentage of the profits we earn from participating corporate clients.

Potentially save 30% or more annually!

Business Internet

  • Instead of offering multi-year contracts like other providers, we provide flexible agreements and pricing structures
  • Customers still under contract with another provider can benefit from our affordable failover internet service

Long Distance

  • We’ll thoroughly assess your business’s phone calls for the past year by area code and three-digit prefix
  • We will then develop a tailored call-routing table that indicates the cheapest price for each area code and prefix your business usually calls
  • Savings of 20-30 percent is likely and 50 percent or more is possible!

Toll-Free 800 / LCR

  • We offer unmatched pricing for high-volume call centers and businesses
  • We specialize in seamless customer support routing, disaster recovery, business continuity, multiple-location time-of-day routing, and least-cost routing (LCR).

Commoditized, set-it-and-forget-it communications and data services that work with any IT infrastructure

Victory offers a wide array of computing and telecom solutions. We also aim to develop long-lasting relationships with our customers. Our goal is to make it easier for them to leverage our expertise and purchasing power in service and product categories, with the easiest installation and lowest business disruption and downtime risk.

Services & pricing review

We’ll speed up your present usage and plan your future needs with you, from toll-free 800 service and long-distance rates to business internet connections.

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Pricing comparison

We provide same-day pricing for toll-free 800, carrier, and business internet service. In less than a week, we can even generate pricing comparisons by evaluating long-distance bills and tailored-routing tables.

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Services proposal

We’ll offer a formal proposal as soon as we’ve identified the required services and pricing.

Services contract

We will then draft a services contract based on the approved services and indicate the terms of service, support, start date, and pricing.


We’ll set up everything according to the date(s) and time(s) detailed in the services contract.

Ongoing support

We provide comprehensive support for our services no matter the time, day, or holiday.

Getting started with Philanthro-Phone doesn’t have to be challenging from either a business or IT perspective

Let Victory prove it

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