Getting Started with Philanthro-Phone does not have to be Challenging
from Either a Business or IT Perspective


Many services can be provided in tandem with a customer’s
existing services if they are under contract.

Victory Telecom, Inc., Inc. (“Victory”) specializes in saving businesses money on local, long distance, toll-free 800, and business internet services. Our 20 years of industry experience and long-term wholesale purchasing contracts enable us to provide our customers with some of the most cost-effective business communications services available.

Victory’s ability to offer low-cost, set-it-and-forget-it communications services that work in tandem with the IT infrastructure businesses already have in place made it economically viable for it to launch THE PHILANTHRO-PHONE PROJECT (“Philanthro-Phone”). PHILANTHRO-PHONE is a grant program that provides free communications and data services to nonprofit organizations. The program is funded through a percentage of the revenue that Victory generates by providing services to participating corporate customers.

Long Distance and Toll-Free Rates are Historically Low, but a Detailed
Rate Analysis is an Easy Way to Potentially Save 30 Percent or More


  • Business internet services are often provided under multiyear contracts.
  • Many businesses renew these contracts or increase their internet speeds without comparing prices.
  • We offer excellent pricing when replacing internet service for customers who are no longer under contract.
  • Customers who are under contract can still benefit from our pricing when increasing internet speeds (bandwidth) or putting in place a backup or fail-over internet service.


  • We offer a service that used to only be available to the largest users with extensive telecom infrastructure.
  • We will analyze every phone call that your business has made in the past 12 months by area code and three digit prefix (e.g., 214-339-XXXX).
  • After that, we will build a custom- call-routing table providing the least expensive rate for each area code and prefix your business calls.
  • Your historical calls will be run through the rates on our call-routing table to show you a side-by-side cost comparison.
  • Savings of 20-30 percent is likely and 50 percent or more is possible.


  • We provide rates for high-volume businesses and call centers that few others in the industry can match.
  • Additionally, we specialize in building solutions for multiple-location time-of-day routing, least-cost routing (LCR), seamless customer support routing, business continuity, and disaster recovery.
  • We are a boutique telecom company that provides excellent service and pricing due to our low overhead and wholesale purchasing contracts under which we have resold approximately a quarter-trillion minutes of long distance in the past 20 years.

Commoditized Services that Work with Your Existing Infrastructure

Victory understands the tendency for management and information technology professionals to leave good enough alone once their communications and data services are running smoothly and problems are few and far between.

That is why we decided to launch PHILANTHRO-PHONE with commoditized, set-it-and-forget-it communications and data services that work with the IT infrastructure that businesses already have in place.

Our goal is to minimize the obstacles to corporate participation in PHILANTHRO-PHONE by utilizing Victory’s purchasing power and expertise to provide value to our customers in product and service categories with the easiest setup and lowest downtime and business disruption risk.


Victory communication’s road to savings



    Whether it’s business internet connections, longdistance rates, or toll-free 800 service, it won’t take us long to get up to speed on your current usage and help you plan for any future needs.


    We offer same-day pricing for business internet service, carrier rates, and toll-free 800 pricing. Long-distance bills can be analyzed and customcall-routing tables with pricing comparisons can be produced in less than a week.


    Once the required services have been fully identified and pricing is known, we will provide a formal proposal.


    Approved services from the proposal will be memorialized in a services contract that will detail all pricing, start date, support, and terms of service.


    Installations will occur on the date(s) and time(s) specified in the services contract.


    Support for all of our services is provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.